Imagine being 30 minutes into a massage. Your heart rate has slowed down, you’ve finally been able to turn your brain off, and you are starting to fall asleep.

All of a sudden you hear a soft voice say those dreaded words, “When you are ready, you can roll over onto your back.”

UGH! It’s the worst, right? Turning over from your stomach to your back (or vice versa) is arguably the most annoying part of a massage.

Well, it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few pro tricks on making the smoothest transition during a massage.

Take Your Time

Regroup, peel your face off the face rest, wipe the drool off, and then turn over. Turning over too quickly can make you dizzy, can raise your heart rate, and leave you feeling frazzled.

^^^ All things you don’t need to be feeling during a massage.

Don’t Turn Over Until We Give The Go Ahead

Massage therapists are mysterious creatures; don’t assume that we have our shit together. Sometimes we need a second to figure out what’s going on as well.

Don’t Grab The Sheets Or Blankets

I know it’s like a security blanket (buh dum tisk), but your massage therapists knows where to grab and pin the sheets to lessen the chance of exposure.

We honestly have the best intentions in mind, so try to trust us.

Turn Toward The Massage Therapist

Yes, TOWARD. If you catch the sheet turning toward the therapist, you end up a snug little burrito. We can simply fix the sheets and continue the massage.

And who doesn’t love a burrito!?

Hook the sheet turning AWAY and your snug little burrito falls apart, leaving its contents open for the world to see. It’s not ideal for either party.

A broken burrito is a sad burrito. (i.e cover photo)

Scoot Down So Your Head Is Off The Face Rest

Personally, I think it’s a lot more comfortable. They are designed to support your face, but not necessarily your neck when lying face up.

I guess that’s why it’s called a face rest.

Plus, it’s like 100x harder to massage your neck when it’s on the face rest. No, it’s not your job to make my job easier, but easier in your case could mean better quality body work. Ultimately, you’ll get a better massage if you just scoot down a little bit.

Let Us Know If You Aren’t Comfortable

If something feels out of place, that’s all you will focus on. It won’t get better, so let us fix it.

Whether it’s a sheet that bunched up or you need an extra pillow, don’t hesitate to ask. That’s what you are coming to us for.

Let Us Adjust The Bolster

Once you flip over on to your back, we will move the bolster/cushion from under your ankles to under your knees (or vice versa). This helps take pressure off of your lower back. Massage tables are flat; your spine isn’t.

Don’t try to adjust it yourself. It just turns into this weird tug of war game, and you’re naked/minimally clothed under the sheets, so no one wins.

Don’t Worry, We Didn’t See Anything

We aren’t watching you roll over. We place the sheets where they need to go and then turn our heads the other way.

In the off chance that the sheet did slip when turning over, there is plenty of time for you to retreat under the sheets with dignity intact!